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Some Things Can't Be Mass Produced

Xidax was founded by a team of PC gaming enthusiasts with the vision to change the way people buy gaming pcs online. Nowhere else can you buy a desktop computer and receive an unrivaled lifetime parts and labor warranty. That's how much we stand behind the quality of our Rigs.

From the beginning, the "One Man, One Rig" philosophy has directed Xidax craftsmanship. Every Xidax Computer is hand built from start to finish by one of about 25 Xidax Master System Builders in South Jordan, Utah. As the final step in the assembly process, your artisan signs a birth certificate engraved with his signature. It's an epic reminder that even the heart of a Xidax has a soul that is born into every Xidax Rig.


Xidax has one more thing to entice you with this budget rig: a real lifetime warranty. Xidax will cover every component for life.
-Gordon Mah Ung, MaximumPC

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  • “Customer service is outstanding. You talk to an ACTUAL person everytime you call. I can't believe I even considered buying an "Alien" PC.”

    -Steve H., Xidax Customer

  • “Very friendly staff, down to earth and actually know what they're talking about. Everything went smoothly.”

    -Stephen B., Xidax Customer

  • “I am very impressed with the X-8 system I received. The LIFETIME warranty is my favorite part.”

    -Cody G., Xidax Customer

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