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Xidax Corporate Sales


  • Dan Young is a creator, investor, partner, mentor and serial entrepreneur. Dan's passion is to share his experiences on how to maximize financial, physical and psychological well-being. Ultimately spreading peace, happiness and joy throughout the planet. Young has founded explosive growth tech companies including Xidax.

Dan Young


  • Zack Shutt joined and launched Xidax with a vision for offering the best PC buying experience on the planet. After 10+ years working with MTV, CMT, & Comedy Central, he jumped at the opportunity to launch Xidax. In Zack's spare time he is a podcaster, has been heard on SiriusXM, and is an author. He loves Cards Against Humanity.

Zack Shutt


  • Colton Weingarden is a graduate of Texas A&M with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in Communications. He worked previously as a Field Sales Engineer/Account Manager at EVGA before signing on as Purchasing Director here at Xidax. He spends his free time gaming with his girlfriend Cory and their two Bengal cats.

Colton Weingarden

Operations Director

  • James Gingras ensures that each Xidax system receives his staff's kiss of approval before leaving our shop. James and his team of QC Techs run every machine built through the most rigorous burn-in tests on the planet to make sure your custom rig is up to snuff. On his off-time James enjoys gaming, BBQ'ing with his friends, and golfing.

James Gingras

Configuration Specialist

  • Konnor is our resident PC genious, actor, and stunt man. If you see him in chat, be sure to say hello!

Konnor Holdaway


  • Bailie is an animal lover, husband hugger, and beer drinker. We love Bailie. She helps to make sure that we don’t spend all of our money on energy drinks and Nerf guns… and for that, we thank her.

Bailie Corisis

Accounting Manager

  • Not related to Penn Gillette the famous magician. However, she can make accounting troubles… disappear! V loves to hike, run and spend time outside.

Genevieve Gillette

Corporate Sales

  • Ryan is our internal go to on anything fun to do here in Utah. He enjoys tearing up the red rock in his Toyota, camping with his family and throwing his football like an NFL champ around the office. If there is one thing Ryan is a Pro at though; it's making sure all your corporate needs are seamlessly met when buying one or many of our custom PC's for your Organization or Business.

Ryan Gilpatrick

Sales Director

  • Brandon is known as the "Asian Guy" here at Xidax. He has been building computers for over 13 years and know's his stuff. His background comes from his uncle who taught him how to construct PC masterpieces at the age of 6. During Brandon's free time, you can find him pumping iron at the gym and playing Counter Strike with his colleagues.

Brandon Yuen

Build Manager

  • Robert Maloney is a straight-up magician when it comes to Quality Control and testing your new Xidax rig. His mission (and yes, he chooses to accept it) is to make sure your PC is not only lookin' good, but meets the strict criteria applied to every Xidax machine before they leave our building. We've got a regular Houdini on our hands here, folks.

Robert Maloney

Configuration Specialist

  • Kicks butts into shape around the office, fights crime in her spare time. Can usually be found snuggling any cute animal she can get her hands on.

Shanae Smith

Shipping Manager

  • Ian is a free spirit! He loves traveling to other countries and enjoying other cultures. Ians dream is to travel the world while he ships out fully tested Xidax Computers during the work week!

Ian Olivera

Configuration Specialist

  • Travel advocate. Certified student. Passionate tv trailblazer. Twitter geek. Beer nerd. Communicator. Pop culture ninja.

Jay Cai

Configuration Specialist

  • Travel junkie. Avid student. Analyst. Incurable zombie lover. Entrepreneur. Coffee buff. Total social media practitioner.

Tara Darger

Software Engineer

  • Bri, AKA wonder woman has the ability to perform multiple tasks for multiple departments all at the same time. It's almost like she can duplicate herself and work several jobs at once.

BriAnn Rachele

Configuration Specialist

  • Some call him Drew, others call him Drewsus. Before working at Xidax Drew was slinging threads to skater kids at the mall when he finally had enough. It was time to pursue his true passion: gaming pcs. In Drew's free time you can find him wearing his hat backwards and enjoying a few adult beverages at a party somewhere.

Drew Wilcox

Configuration Specialist

  • Jake is PC Matchmaker at Xidax. His background comes from building high-end Xidax machines for years, and knows the ins-and-outs of how the Xidax build process works. He's also a professional racquetball player.

Jake Young

Tech Support Specialist

  • Think big with Little.

Christian Little

Configuration Specialist

  • Julian loves spending his time gaming on his PC and trolling twitch chats. When he is not gaming he is outdoors or doing something creative. He loves helping Xidax customers find the perfect PC!

Julian Brewski

QC Specialist

  • Seth has an i for detale, such a great eye four detail in fact, that he will cach the mispellings in his bio immediately and have them fixed...seriously though Seth, this is a test.

Seth Adair

Social Media Manager

  • Ammory is always rocking a different color of hair, and we love her for it. If you’re chatting with someone on the Xidax Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, you can bet its Ammory you’re dealing with. Private message her and let her know what color her hair should be next! I vote green.

Ammory Laehn

Configuration Specialist

  • Aaron has 9 cats (that we know of) and loves knitting cozy wearables for the team here at Xidax. His knowledge of our product is second to none and will always go the extra mile to deliver the goods.

Aaron Miller

Build Specialist

  • Carlos is an expert pc builder. His knowledge could fill a library wall to wall. He is often seen wielding a batman style utility belt full of tools for building gaming rigs

Carlos Templos

Build Specialist

  • Building rigs as fresh as his bow tie, this kid doesn't play around. Don't let his innocent appearance fool you, this kid can build PCs better than you.

Bridger Dials

SEO/SEM Manager

  • Nerd alert! Jared loves looking at numbers and all sorts of smarty stuff.

Jared Edwards

Back-End Developer

  • Kyle has been a brazilian capoeira fighter for over 10 years. He can also code like the matrix...if you are lonely and want someone to program a robot girlfriend for you, just ask Kyle.

Kyle Harris

Customer Relations Manager

  • Kylie helps to design the customer experience to make sure that when you configure your Xidax system it’s an AMAZING experience.

Kylie Snearly

Tech Support Specialist

  • Ninja in Training, Creator of Systems, 2012 survivor, I flip my pillows over to get to the cold side.

Ty Barringer

Master Builder

  • Derek has been building PCs since he was 6 years old, now he can practically build systems with pure thought alone. Someone saw him levatate once.

Derek Thompson

Customer Relations Manager

  • Explorer, Compiler, Oscar-loser, Creator of Mediums, Vampire Slayer. Smarter than a 5th grader.

Ali Allred

Support Specialist

  • Extraordinaire, Photographer, The Original Imposter, Great Cornholio, King of the Forest. I know what alt-tab does.

Anderson Carvalho

Director of Customer Happiness

  • Airaka is affectionately known as the Xidax Den Mother. She loves to make sure our customers are a 110% Happy! When she's not at work she enjoys singing Karaoke, driving fast cars and spending time with her amazing kids!

Airaka Price

Warehouse Stocker

  • The warehouse stocker. Careful...he stalks people. Our stocker here makes sure product is stocked neatly for our pullers to grab the parts they need for the customers build! During his off time he plays games, streams on twitch and goes to subway to watch a clinically depressed person throw together his sandwich.

Kaden Jessop

PPC Analyst

  • Many people visit the Xidax site and for months, they notice our banners and videos stalk them throughout the interwebs. You have Angel to thank for that.

Angel Shelburne

Jr. Social Media Manager

  • Bradley assists Ammory in managing the social media here at Xidax. If you’ve got a problem, yo’ he’ll solve it, check out the hook as my Bradley revolves it.

Bradley Richards

Assistant Warehouse Manager

  • We call him the Captain, because he has a peg leg made out of bamboo. Cameron loves music and is constantly going to shows here in Salt Lake City and around the country. His beard… spectacular.

Cameron George

Configuration Specialist

  • Sculptor, Citizen, Apropos of Nothing, Multi-sportlete, Dimestore Megatron. I will lick you if you come into my personal space.

Chris Choi

Diagnostic Technician

  • Achiever, Fan, Travel Junkie, Ex-cheerleader, Dishwater. I have a unique, growing collection of bones.

Christian Bailey

Customer Relations Manager

  • Volunteer, Sculptor, Strategic Storyteller, Founder of People, Baconator. I own a magikarp.

Coby Watters

Customer Relations Manager

  • Stylist, Baby Impersonator, Creator of Systems, Mitt Romney's second cousin. I intimidate brussel sprouts.

Cody Murphy

Configuration Specialist

  • Crossfitter, Mastermind, Multi-sportlete, Mother of two, King of Lies. I used to think that you could just go to the bank and ask for money.

Darian Kelsch

Warehouse Manager

  • Mr. Latour makes sure that we have stacks on stacks on stacks of inventory here at Xidax. An enviable position when it comes to the stacks of video cards he gets to play with every single day. He’s a dwarf in a gold mine.

David Latour

Web Analytics Analyst

  • Performer, Author, Baby Impersonator, World's Pickiest Vegetarian, Mayonaise Tester. Red is my favorite color. It's also the only color.

Jack Jessop

Production Manager

  • When your Xidax computer is being built, Jordan helps to ensure that every step of the way things are going perfectly. Known for his classy sense of humor and style, Jordan is awesome.

Jordan Rand

Hardware Specialist

  • Filmmaker, Academic, Trends Addict, Domestic Diva, Siri's Ex-Boyfriend. I find uncooked beef patty *very* seductive.

Jacob Palma

Configuration Specialist

  • Philanthropist, Mastermind, Electro Producer, Founder of People, Cigarette Butt Collector. I come with a warning...

Josh Black

Director of Finance

  • Nicknamed “The Incredible Hulk” for obvious reasons, Justin will rip yo’ head off if your expense reports aren’t in order. Kidding, he’s a chill guy. But seriously, you should probably fix those expense reports.

Justin Johnston

Accounting Manager

  • Olympian, Achiever, Sock Hater, World Traveler. I make up a dream in my head before I go to bed.

Kyle Christensen

Configuration Specialist

  • Storyfinder, Innovator, Golf Junky, Wearer of unrelated hats, Wet, Old Coffee Grounds. I am so funny.

Kyle Pinkham

HR Director

  • Larry is our HR guy. Happy employees = happy customers! Don't let the gray fool you, he keeps up with these guys just fine. He enjoys time with his family, home gardening, eating out, outdoors and music. He has two dogs, one named Jack and the other named Sparrow. Go figure. Larry Kettenring, SPHR

Larry Kettenring

Configuration Specialist

  • Singer, Mastermind, Idea Pimp, Cigarette Butt Collector. I draw on fogged up windows.

Mac Price

Support specialist

  • He’s cute, he’s cuddly… he’s Micheal Olsen! That’s right, he may spell his name unlike all of the other Michaels in the world (notice the swapped “a” and e”), but he’s an alright guy nonetheless. Micheal makes sure that each and every Xidax customer is 110% happy with their custom gaming PC.

Micheal Olsen

Build Crew

  • Nick builds the best, most badass computers on the planet here at Xidax. He’s been spotted in the halls playing Pokemon GO on his lunch break. I think he caught a Geodude or something. Can’t quite remember.

Nick Shutt

Senior Support Technician

  • Citizen, Runner, Wearer of unrelated hats, Professional Storyteller, Diseased Cat. I chew on straws.

Rob Bell

Configuration Specialist

  • Photographer, Chef, Water Fanatic, Professional Troublemaker. Never swallow watermelon seeds, they grow inside you.

Rob Nadalsky

Diagnostic Technician

  • Writer, Database Wrangler, Strategic Storyteller, Meryl Streep's Personal Trainer. I'm into kinky sports.

Shawn Simmons

Account Manager

  • Steven Lewis is in charge of managing many of our bulk accounts here at Xidax. While he has been caught several times watching Dumb and Dumber in his office with the door locked by our CEO Zack, he’s generally a pretty good dude who likes to party.

Steve Lewis


  • Environmentalist, Fan, Aspiring Yogi, Bananagram Lover, Wig tester. Is this water dry?

Steven Salas

Production Technician

  • Citizen, Believer, Anatomy Junkie, Trends Addict, All purpose plastic wrapper. The 7th Avenger.

Sunny Verma

Senior Support Technician

  • Thomas loves wearing his serious face most of the time. That’s because he takes it serious when it comes to helping customers enhance their Xidax computers. If you’ve got a question about your Xidax rig, Thomas is here to help (serious face and all).

Thomas Williams

Configuration Specialist

  • Educator, Humanitarian, Powerful Multitasker, Television Host, Cat Stroker. My life is the first half of a Spider Man movie.

Trevor Ottley

Support Specialist

  • Comedian, Singer, Marketing Professional, Fire Spinner, Dong Lord. When I tweet, I tweet to kill.

Wyatt Bowser

Accounting Clerk

  • Contributor, Compiler, Voice Actor, Genomic Computational Biologist. In Russia, car drives you!

Yohan Yassin

Accounting Clerk

  • Hiker, Musician, Fantasy Fruit Loop, Wearer of unrelated hats, Walking Organ Donor. I have invincible minions.

Shawn Bird

Software Engineer

  • Curator extraordinaire, Wearer of many hats, Serial Careerist. I like pop-up books.

Shane Peterson

Lifetime Desktop Parts Warranty

The only one of its kind offered in the industry

Xidax desktop computer comes with an unheard of Lifetime Parts & Service Guarantee that nobody else can match.

That means if your hard drive blows up in 10 years, you’re covered. (See full Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty details).

*AMD Video Cards come with a limited 3-year parts warranty from Xidax and are excluded from the Lifetime Parts Warranty guarantee.