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Xidax Support Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

Your Step by step system setup guide

  1. Remove blue packaging from interior of system before turning it on.

  2. Verify power cable and monitor cables are properly seated.

  3. Verify power switch on the back of the system is down ( | ).

  4. Follow step by step instructions for Windows setup and activation

  5. Product key affixed on back/ side of case.

My monitors won’t turn on

  • Verify that your display is plugged into the video card (horizontal ports) not the motherboard (vertical ports).

  • Only use one display cable per monitor.

  • Make sure to restart the system if cable was re-plugged in

I can’t activate Windows

  • Your Windows license is injected into the core of your system and should activate automatically (You must be online to activate).

  • Verify you have the correct version of Windows by going to system properties.

  • If online activation isn't working please call our support during business hours 9AM–6PM (MT) at 877-943-2972 ext 2.

My system isn’t booting into Windows (Please Select Proper Boot Device)

  • Verify the connections to the storage devices ensure both the Data and Power cables are properly seated

  • Verify the SATA connections to the motherboard are seated properly

  • Unplug any external media that may be connected (External HDD, Flash Drive, etc…)

My system was damaged in shipping

  • Keep all packaging for the system/ accessories!

  • Get a photo of all damaged components and email [email protected] with attached photo(s) using your order ID in the Subject line.

  • Call our tech support team at (877)943-2972 ext 2 to get a claim/ replacement system set up, as well as any important information on how to keep the process timely.

My system did not come with everything listed on my order

  • Verify that you opened all boxes received and the item is not there.

  • Make sure all of your tracking numbers have been delivered.Email [email protected] with your order number and your item that is missing. A support rep will contact you as soon as possible to provide updated tracking information as well as any return labels that may be needed.