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April 3,2020
5/5 Stars
This experience was amazing I ordered my product I want to say somewhere like two years ago and it arrived super fast and I loved it from the moment I got it. Now that it has been two years I ran i...
D. Martin
March 29,2020
5/5 Stars
This process started around September 2019. Throughout September 2019 to December 2019 I spoke with Brayden about different builds, he helped me out on just about everything. Numerous changes in bu...
March 17,2020
5/5 Stars
Lets start with I am coming from an HP Omen laptop and an MSI Trident 3 with an external one terabyte. I know the basics of computers and spent a few months looking up companies. Comfortable prices...
Brandon -27868
March 12,2020
5/5 Stars
For about a year, I wanted to make the switch to PC. The problem was I knew nothing about PC's. All my friends kept telling me you need this or you need that and it made me very nervous about wha...
March 10,2020
5/5 Stars
All The PCs Components Have High Performances And Im Do Speedy Games With Your Products . Strongest Gaming Products Ever I See . Love You XIDAX
AdrianDe La Mora
March 7,2020
5/5 Stars
Great service, very friendly, and awesome performance
March 4,2020
5/5 Stars
Solid customer service and response time, these guys saw my budget and gave my the best build they could, and even hooked me up with a discount to make sure I didn't go over budget. These guys are...