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January 14,2020
5/5 Stars
Brandon was a great help with helping me order my first ever PC he suggested parts and stayed well within my budget great company I highly recommend
January 12,2020
5/5 Stars
I went to the site to look at options for my first PC. I spoke with Brayden and he was extremely helpful and even recommended a rig based on what I was looking for in a PC. He was very helpful and...
January 11,2020
5/5 Stars
New to the PC gaming world I was very confused with what parts I needed in order to get the most bang for my buck. Xidax customer service was a great help in making me feel comfortable that what I...
January 10,2020
5/5 Stars
Erica was professional and very pleasant to work with. She is precisely the reason I decided to go with XIDAX. I will continue to tell folks about your company whenever I can.
December 19,2019
5/5 Stars
Erika from tech support has been an absolute star. She is super sweet, smart and very polite. She took care of me and answered all my questions. She has helped me twice because of failing component...
December 19,2019
5/5 Stars
I honestly have never been so pleased and impressed with a company's process! Every rep I've talked to has gone above and beyond to provide the experience to earn each and every 5 star rating! They...
December 12,2019
5/5 Stars
Build my gaming computer with Xidax, Got it the time they said I would when I open the box took out my pc everything was good. Set up my pc turn it on flashing lights was a go (RGB) and it was supe...
December 10,2019
5/5 Stars
I don't even know where to begin on how great of an experience this was. From the first time I talked on the phone with them from when my PC was delivered I was constantly updated on my order, they...
December 1,2019
5/5 Stars
Customer service rep: Brayden As i see that the common occurance here is brayden is awesome. Again i must say he was OUTSTANDING! From the moment i was looking online to asking him in chat to pl...
November 30,2019
5/5 Stars
Brayden is the BEST product specialist! Very knowledgable and to-the-point. He will try to build the best possible machine for you paying as low as possible! You can't go wrong with Xidax and with...