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September 9,2020
5/5 Stars
Brayden went out of his way to get me a better value on the set up that I had planned. He listened to what I wanted spec wise and made some awesome suggestions. I would recommend this website to an...
August 29,2020
5/5 Stars
thank you guys for my pc got it in july 24 it rocking no hang up or locking up soon i be upgrading soon send me list items on sales ! and again thank you !
August 17,2020
5/5 Stars
Tyler Dreyer was extremely helpful and patient with me as i made sure everything i wanted and needed was on my build. He was even able to save me a little money with something i did not need. Eve...
August 16,2020
5/5 Stars
I was running a Frankenstein toaster computer for years! [7 Exact] And came to the point where I just didn't want to bother looking for hardware online comparing prices from different vendors. So I...
August 15,2020
5/5 Stars
Customer service is amazing and polite, they help you with pretty much anything you need and they are like some lousy car salesman that will try to Rip you off. They get straight to the point and h...
August 15,2020
5/5 Stars
I got my Xidax PC back in 2015, 5+ years ago. While the hardware in the PC may be a little dated by today's standards, the PC still works like new and is of course a beautiful machine. The only thi...
August 9,2020
5/5 Stars
Since i bought my computer from them - the staff was great even worked in a couple of good deals on parts -it has performed just as I requested havent had a problem with it - if when i need to up...
August 5,2020
5/5 Stars
This is the 3rd pc I bought here both Steven and Gage where oustanding in helping me build Th perfect pc form my mom.
August 2,2020
5/5 Stars
The way in which Xidax employees interact with their clientele, SHOULD be the standard in which other companies strive to achieve. Me, a layman, building a high-end PC had to have been trying on po...
July 31,2020
5/5 Stars
Firstly, I don't know too much about the PC world but my main man Gage helped me out alot with that. The man was super friendly and professional and helped me get a beautiful build that was within...