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December 1,2019
5/5 Stars
Customer service rep: Brayden As i see that the common occurance here is brayden is awesome. Again i must say he was OUTSTANDING! From the moment i was looking online to asking him in chat to pl...
November 30,2019
5/5 Stars
Brayden is the BEST product specialist! Very knowledgable and to-the-point. He will try to build the best possible machine for you paying as low as possible! You can't go wrong with Xidax and with...
November 26,2019
5/5 Stars
5 Stars just isnt enough to truly explain how great they are. They listen to your needs and do not try to sell you something you do not want. They take the time to go every step with you and make s...
November 18,2019
5/5 Stars
I had both Nic and Reid help me out. Both these guys were very helpful in getting me a good PC. I had some issues with not getting my confirmation and Nic got it all settled and it's being built no...
November 17,2019
5/5 Stars
I love Xidax and I love my machine. What a great piece!
November 16,2019
5/5 Stars
The last time I owned a PC that someone else built, it said Packard Bell on the front. I have built every machine that I and my family and most friends have used since 1995. When I started pricing...
November 14,2019
5/5 Stars
It was easy talking to customer service was great. My order was easy and I got it quick. this my second experience and when i recommend laptops i always mention you guys. Love this new rig.
November 14,2019
5/5 Stars
From start to finish I couldn't have asked for a better experience. When I bought the computer last week the guy over the phone explained everything and was patient with all my questions and concer...
November 10,2019
5/5 Stars
Nic was very helpful. He went out of his way to help me build my first pc. I came in thinking i was not going to be able to get a pc that fit for what i needed. He took his time and helped me figur...
November 6,2019
5/5 Stars
I had a product specialist named Brayden helping me out with my new Xidax PC ! he was so helpful and very fast responding to all my questions ! i would 100% recomend this site to anyone! THANK YOU...