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January 7,2019
5/5 Stars
These guys have brought boutique rigs to the forefront. Customer service excellent! Thank you Julian and Justin! I laughed when I first played FO76 in UHD on Ultra settings. It was butter! And the...
January 7,2019
5/5 Stars
Xidax..... what can I say amazing customer service that is nice and always helpful and willing to help. Custom PCs that don't just run steady and smooth but works of art. So much time and effort pu...
January 2,2019
5/5 Stars
I would like to give credit to Justin Kramer (Customer Relations Manager) credit for stepping up to the plate and fixing the issue surrounding the warranty on my wife's laptop. After only speaking...
December 24,2018
5/5 Stars
Easy to get a rig built how you want ut
December 20,2018
5/5 Stars
So Brook took the time needed to hear my needs, help me pick each and every part that goes into the machine, i even tested his knowledge on the parts and he knew his stuff and by tested he well out...
December 19,2018
5/5 Stars
These guys build an elite gaming rig with excellent shipping and top of the line service. I had a small HDD problem and they fixed it online within 15 minutes. I would buy tons more with Xidax if I...
December 16,2018
5/5 Stars
Xidax made sure my pc building experience was as smooth and clear as possible. Emails were replied to constantly, they answered all the questions I had, and they made sure to email me once my rig a...
December 13,2018
5/5 Stars
both brook and justin krammer are very good i will always and only buy from them they dont sell junk like walmart give the mother **** a raise
December 10,2018
5/5 Stars
I have been watching Xidax for a year or so; die hard Windows 7 user on an older i5. My dilemma was using my old i5 rig to stream and render videos for streamers. Let alone game. One day the final...
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