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August 5,2020
5/5 Stars
This is the 3rd pc I bought here both Steven and Gage where oustanding in helping me build Th perfect pc form my mom.
August 2,2020
5/5 Stars
The way in which Xidax employees interact with their clientele, SHOULD be the standard in which other companies strive to achieve. Me, a layman, building a high-end PC had to have been trying on po...
July 31,2020
5/5 Stars
Firstly, I don't know too much about the PC world but my main man Gage helped me out alot with that. The man was super friendly and professional and helped me get a beautiful build that was within...
July 29,2020
5/5 Stars
I had a problem with a setting on my computer that I screwed up and the wizards at Xidax have rescued me again. Great customer service guys. We had to restart a couple of times and were able to r...
July 22,2020
5/5 Stars
Contacted Xidax this afternoon to get some help piecing together my rig. Gage spent like half an hour walking me through the process and helping me pick out all the best parts to fit my budget and...
July 13,2020
5/5 Stars
I've had my gaming PC for 3 days now and so far it is amazing. My experience with Xidax has been very good since the day that I ordered my PC. Thanks to Brayden and other staff members that helped...
July 1,2020
5/5 Stars
First off I wonderful customer service and care all around. Great selection and ability to choose what customations you want and what fits your style and budget. Probably the only bad thing I can s...
June 28,2020
5/5 Stars
I bought a pretty baller system from them and Brayden was extremely helpful and prompt in his replies. Since the system I bought is baller, I doubt I'll be buying anything anytime soon, but 10/10 w...