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October 16,2017

I was in the market for a new system and instead of going to my previous MAIN supplier I decided to go with Xidax. This decision was made after talking to Brandon in sales multiple times over the c...


October 13,2017

I have been a console gamer for 30+ years and decided to jump into buying a gaming computer. Xidax made it very easy from the layout of the website to the knowledgeable staff I talked with through...


October 7,2017

Pretty much sums it up in the title.


October 5,2017

When I decided to upgrade my setup I initially wanted to build my own PC, but being a person with a busy schedule I decided that wasn't realistic. So I started to search options for professional bu...


October 2,2017

Well Hi there! How's it going? If you're reading this it is more than likely because you want to know about XIDAX and how they compare to other companies whom do the same thing. Yeah... There are t...


September 26,2017

I have purchased a laptop and a PC desk top from Xidax Computers. I dealt with Xidax salesperson Jay Cai. Before calling Xidax I was looking at buying at a big box store. Before doing so I call...


September 22,2017

It's like buying computers for dummies. They make it soooo easy and user friendly. If you want a computer then they want you to have the best available. Different brands, chipsets, gpu's, etc... Wa...


September 21,2017

I was in the market for a new gaming PC, and was looking at different builders. I came across Xidax, and bought a PC the fist time visiting the web page. The site is very easy to build and understa...


September 12,2017

I am the owner of a drone Imaging Business (EVEREST DRONE IMAGING LLC) and I was referred to Xidax by a close friend (nwacodo). These computers are absolutely amazing and you cannot beat the price!...

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